Response, Resilience and Development

Protecting people, places, businesses & communities

Whatever your risks, our intelligence-led solutions will help you design, implement and assure your risk management and emergency response model. We provide leadership, operations, resources and training across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Our experts bring experience in managing risk within a wide range of sectors including high risk industries, ports, airports, rail, maritime, government and healthcare.

To mitigate unplanned interruptions and emergency incidents, our business continuity and disaster recovery experts can help. If the unthinkable does occur, we can prepare your people, from frontline to executives, to deal with any eventuality.


Our highly qualified trainers are experienced in dealing with a range of safety and risk management environments. Our development programmes will support your frontline staff, managers and executives; providing assurance for your organisation.

We provide challenging and immersive  training tailored to suit your needs. From health and safety programmes, through to emergency response and planning for major incidents; we will help you to protect your people and workplaces.

If you require a specific programme to be tailored or developed, please contact us.